25 November 2009

Business Card!

Here is a business card for my self promotional package at uni. Inside is a little sticker which you can peel off and keep.

24 November 2009

50 Photos

This is a book I made after being set a brief to take 50 photos of a list of different subjects. We had to use film SLR cameras, which I thoroughly enjoyed. I have used my favourite images in this book and then included an insert with all 50 photographs.

Letter Press

Here is some work I did in the letterpress studio. It was a very enjoyable workshop. Probably the best so far. I had never done anything like this before so it was all a completely new experience. We had to use the letterpress to write something from the book we were asked to read over the summer. This is my incredibly unimaginative final piece.

Screen Printing!

This is a bumble bee I made in a screen printing work shop during my first year at university. Screen printing was also something I have never used before but was very interested in. I really enjoyed this work shop and learning about the process. I would love to do more of this, however the screen printing studio is never free!

18 November 2009

Wine list for The Royal Oak public house

Whilst working at the Royal Oak pub, I had the opportunity to redesign the wine list. This is what I came up with, a nice and simple design which is easy to read and understand.