17 January 2011


I need to stop making books. And I need to be more adventurous with type. I handed in 15 handmade books for my last project. This is not good. They were accompanied by 3 posters but I don't think that counts...
I made two little hard back books. One was all of my 'research' that I did over that module. I use the term research lightly because it was actually just everything and anything that I stumbled across over the weeks. So I guess it's more of an inspiration journal. But that sounds gay.

The second book I made was called 'To Do'. This was part of my self directed study on priorities. To do lists are a great way of showing a persons priorities for the day or week or a project etc. I asked everyone in my class to bring in their current or old or just any to do lists they had so that I could photocopy them and make this book. Only a few people obliged but I was given a few diaries which were awesome! Every page was a to do list. I love lists and I was glad to see I'm not the only one.

These are the original mushroom stencils, framed to keep them safe.

Here's a book I made to show all the posters I designed but didn't make the cut for the final piece. I don't like wasting work...

Hand in work

Ok, I hadn't realise it had been quite this long since I last updated my blog. But today a friend of mine asked me to hurry up and post some work. So here goes. I handed in all my work for assessment just before Christmas so here are a few snippets of the work I did.

This was a final A2 printed poster of the mushroom typeface I made. Large format printed onto some really nice silky stock.

These are the mushroom poster again but this time screen printed. I meant for it to be A2 for the final piece but I couldn't get the folex printed that large. Three colour screen print A3 size on some lovely (and very expensive) Arboreta paper.

I made this little throw-away style booklet to show my processes throughout the project. I felt as though I had done a lot of work but my final piece really didn't show it. I made several copies to create a cheap 'grab one' feel. It was meant to be printed on A2 but that turned out to be very expensive so I printed it at home on Arboreta paper and made it A3, folded down to A4.