20 September 2011

And then I graduated.

So after all those three years of slaving away and feeling like I was never going to be good enough, never going to have any money or never going to be able to do anything with my life, I graduated! Graduation was rather fun, everyone was dressed up and wearing stupid capes and hats but it was worth it for the super tasty diner with my parents, best friend and boyfriend, followed by a massive piss up once again, Bristol style.
Also a historic day was made when a photo was taken of my parents, my brothers and myself all smiling at once and looking in the same direction. All in all, a very good day.

Something good.

My main piece of work from my final year project was a book about a social club in Bedminster, Bristol. Memories of Bedminster hold weekly meetings as an opportunity for older members of the community to get together and socialise. I wrote and designed a book about them, documenting their weekly get-togethers   and telling the story of this small social club.
The club currently produce a quarterly magazine but were thinking of stopping it after the 60th issue. Upon reading my book they decided to axe the magazine for good and publish my book as a replacement. This is very exciting because it will be sold across Bristol in libraries and museums etc. As a thank you the club paid me for my time and reimbursed me all the costs of getting the book together from start to finish. They're also paying for the book to go to print and giving me a percentage of every book that gets sold. I'm incredibly excited about this so this week I have been getting quotes for the cost of production of all the books. Can't wait to see a huge pile of my books all professional and stuff.

So, uni finished...

So I have definitely been incredibly slack on ye olde blog and since my last post I have overcome my fear and hatred of Graphic Design, fallen back into it, and overcome it again. Repeat.
I handed in all my work in May? Maybe June. I don't even know anymore. It was such a stressful, tearful and eventually relieving time that I have no clue about what happened in what order anymore. All I know is that it's over.
My plan after the hand in was to a) get incredibly drunk and celebrate in a way that only Bristol knows how b) go back to Fleet and see my parents, let them feed me and be proud of me for finishing my degree c) find a job d) update my blog and act like a designer in the real world. The last two were in no particular order.
In reality what happened was a) got really drunk b) repeat a c) repeat a and b. You get the idea. I did see my parents and that was lovely and my liver really appreciated it and I did get a job. Bar work YAY! Because everyone that spends three years studying a degree does become officially qualified to continue the job they've been going since 18 years old.
That leads me to finally updated this. The pub has given me the break from design that I craved so much and it has also given me the kick up the arse I so needed and made me realise that I do really want to be a designer and because I have no love for bar work it has made me want to come home after work and do something graphics-y or at least start something useful.
I've also (like most under appreciated designers working in small pubs) had the chance to re design the menus and also a logo for my boss's second business. It's all rather cliche and dull but I really do appreciate the break from pouring pints and it does help keep the creative juices flowing just a little bit.
So... Back to uni. I handed in loads (for me anyway) and here it is.

18 March 2011

Right now

I haven't posted for a while. This is because right now graphic design makes me feel like this

I hope to have this sorted soon. 

17 January 2011


I need to stop making books. And I need to be more adventurous with type. I handed in 15 handmade books for my last project. This is not good. They were accompanied by 3 posters but I don't think that counts...