29 September 2010


A while ago I played around with making books into objects. Yesterday, my friend photographed them for me. Win.

Check his work here

12 September 2010

Bristol Zoo!

I've lived in Bristol for two years now and never been to the zoo. All this changed on Monday and it was good.

3 September 2010

Sewing Machine!

This summer I have been busying myself making lots of soft furnishings. However, I don't actually own a sewing machine. So that I can continue making pretty things at uni, I went on a sewing machine hunt around charity shops. I bought two.
One was an old electric singer sewing machine. Not very exciting to look at but in good working order and for only £15! The best one however, was this bad boy hand sewing machine. So nice and the best bargain at £5. Whey!

Now all I need to do is work out how on earth you thread a bobbin on this machine. The bobbin case looks like a bullet and the bobbin reel is super thin and long as opposed to a normal round stubby one. Answers on a postcard please.

2 September 2010

Summer Work

During the uni holidays I come home to work in a pub. It's a good laugh and I love everyone there. However, this week the boss and his girlfriend have been away and I have had more shifts than I care to remember (Roll on pay day!) So just to prove that I haven't been sitting at home on my arse all holiday, this is where I work.

Manager, Henry. He likes to think he's funny but he's really not.

Co-Barmaid Emily. Loveliest barmaid there despite always being late and always making a fool out of herself.

Exciting pub bits. Our ale tap handles are the best around.

Lurch, another piece of the furniture.

Work is fun in small doses, I'm glad I only work there during the holidays, it makes it so much more fun and there's always so much more new gossip.