17 March 2010


4/5 week project on infographics! I'm not sure there is a single person in the class who can honestly say they have enjoyed this brief. We had to choose a personal topic which we could represent through an infographic. This isn't just a graph though. It's a graph which has been designed by an anal designer who thought they could improve the perfectly adequate bar graph and pie chart, by making it look nice.
Here is mine. It represents how much money I spent in one month compared to how much I should have spent. Each section shows a different item and how much I spent on it.

A short two day brief.
We had to design a poster in InDesign, which had very strict guidelines i.e. typeface to use, point size to use, had to be two colour, had to include D&AD logo and the text to use was all given to us. The poster had to be designed with Swis influence and was then to be screen printed. I'm not so keen on my poster but I love screen printing.

Print Studio

We went to a print studio on Friday. It was pretty cool. Smelt of toner and ink though but seeing the whole process from start to finish was sweet.

9 March 2010


Jonny Dorey is a student from UWE, currently studying in America. He has been missing for a week today. Please help to find him. He is missed so much.

5 March 2010

Matty P.

Today myself, Jonathan Granger and Amie Roberts belatedly planted daffodil bulbs for our friend Matthew Pott. The idea was that they'd flower around his birthday but as none of us are particularly green fingered, we didn't realise they were supposed to be planted a long time ago. Sorry Matt. Hopefully they will stay in the ground and flower next year.


I moved my room around. There's a lot less floor space now but I finally have a desk in my room and not in the freezing cold study. This is a good thing and now I have no more excuses.

Birthday Chinese



For my Aunts birthday we all travelled to Brighton and ate at a chinese restaurant on a floating boat. As we ate the tide went out, so far, that when we left we had a much steeper ramp to walk up than when we went in. Good though.


We had so much snow at home in January! It was incredible. Very annoying and inconvenient but it was fun to play with. I made a horribly scary snowman with my dad and brother using wall plugs for a mouth and he lasted in our front garden for about a week though which I think is an impressive record. I also went in search of decent, untouched, snowy hills to sledge down with my friend but it turned into more of an epic journey carrying a body board around Fleet.

Christmas 2009

Christmas is all about the food and drink and there was plenty.

Christmas 2009 LOL

Clearly I haven't updated my blog in a long time but here are a few snippets from Christmas


Good things always happen in Wagamama. Mostly Crispy Chilli Squid and Chicken Katsu Curry. Best food by far.