2 September 2010

Summer Work

During the uni holidays I come home to work in a pub. It's a good laugh and I love everyone there. However, this week the boss and his girlfriend have been away and I have had more shifts than I care to remember (Roll on pay day!) So just to prove that I haven't been sitting at home on my arse all holiday, this is where I work.

Manager, Henry. He likes to think he's funny but he's really not.

Co-Barmaid Emily. Loveliest barmaid there despite always being late and always making a fool out of herself.

Exciting pub bits. Our ale tap handles are the best around.

Lurch, another piece of the furniture.

Work is fun in small doses, I'm glad I only work there during the holidays, it makes it so much more fun and there's always so much more new gossip.

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