20 September 2011

Something good.

My main piece of work from my final year project was a book about a social club in Bedminster, Bristol. Memories of Bedminster hold weekly meetings as an opportunity for older members of the community to get together and socialise. I wrote and designed a book about them, documenting their weekly get-togethers   and telling the story of this small social club.
The club currently produce a quarterly magazine but were thinking of stopping it after the 60th issue. Upon reading my book they decided to axe the magazine for good and publish my book as a replacement. This is very exciting because it will be sold across Bristol in libraries and museums etc. As a thank you the club paid me for my time and reimbursed me all the costs of getting the book together from start to finish. They're also paying for the book to go to print and giving me a percentage of every book that gets sold. I'm incredibly excited about this so this week I have been getting quotes for the cost of production of all the books. Can't wait to see a huge pile of my books all professional and stuff.

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