27 August 2010


As the final brief in the Type and Print module, we had to make a book. The project was called 'Everything about one thing' and we basically had to choose a topic/object/thing and explore into as much detail of said item as possible. We then had to make a book which would show what we had learnt about our chosen field.
I decided to look into my road, the road I lived on in Bristol. I thought this would be a good topic because I could find as little or as much information as I liked and could explore all sorts of different avenues relating to my road.
It turned out to be quite an interesting project and I found out a lot of information, both relevant and irrelevant but all very fascinating. I also made friends with a lot of my neighbours through interviews which came in handy when I was later locked out of my house!
My book was split into two sections, the first was about the residents of the road, who lived there, what they did etc. The second half was about the history of the road. After searching the local library, the city library, the council offices and the records office, the only information I could gather was from an elderly neighbour. He knew a lot though and it was pretty much all useful.

Here is how my book turned out.

I used an etching press to make the pressed type for the front cover of my book.

I had fold out pages as my book was small and landscape so this helped me display the information more clearly.

The book folded out into two sections to try and help separate the two chapters yet keep them together in one book.

In the middle of the book I had a fold out screen printed map of the area to show where abouts in Bristol the road is. There is a red dot to show the road.

My final book was put on show at the Arnolfini gallery in Bristol along with other students in my class during the third year exhibition.

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