31 August 2010

Summer Loving

I've not been very good at keeping up to date (photographically) with things that I have seen or made or done this summer. But here are a few snaps.

New housemates, new start. Very exciting. Playing in the brief week of sun in June when we should have been finishing our final projects.

Lunch with the brothers. (and father and grandfather) Always entertaining.

Amie bought a kitten! Her name is pippin and she is the cutest softest cat I ever did see. She was very well behaved on our drive down to Bristol. Just lounging around on the parcel shelf.

My cat at home got a bit jealous of my mum and I cooing over Pippin and so he decided to bring in a helpless little bird. We rescued it though and Buster realised this was not a way to win over our affections.

1 comment:

  1. Aw that kitten is the cutest!! I love how its just lounging around the back of the car haha. x