26 August 2010

New York!

Wow, it's been a while, and in this time I have done a lot. Been to New York and Amsterdam, finished my second year of university, went on a road trip in France with my best friend, touring our favourite vineyards (Chablis et Champagne). Then over the summer I have just been working at home in a pub which is no where near as exciting or adventurous but at least I might be able to start third year with a positive balance in my bank account!

I will start documenting this time with some photos from New York.

We spent four days in NYC then got a train to Niagra, spent one day (Two nights) there, then hired a car and drove back to NYC, we stopped in Finger Lakes on the way for a few nights, to help break up the journey. Finger Lakes was beautiful! These photos are from Finger Lakes.

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